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Private Personal Training in Limerick

personal training limerick city

personal trainer limerick

Personal Training Limerick
Personal Training Limerick
Personal Training Limerick
Food and Lifestyle
Looking to get into the best shape of your life? Maybe you want to get back into shape after having a baby? Have you a holiday /wedding coming up?  Do you just want to feel more comfortable in all of your clothes?  If so, it's time to get started.  Click Here for More
Are you sick of not acheving your goals?  Do you feel that your belly is just something you'll never get rid of?   Are you eating too much of the wrong food? Maybe you've even been working out in a gym fo a while but you're not seeing the results you had expected? Click Here for More
At least 90% of our clients are looking to lose a few pounds or a few stone.  There's a saying in Personal Training "YOU CAN'T OUT-TRAIN A BAD DIET"  So every client receives diet and lifestyle advice to make sure you get the results you're looking for. If you train with us you'll get a great body. A clean diet will ensure it's not hidden under a layer of fat!

personal training in Limerick

Sports Peformance
Personal Training Limerick
Ireland is becoming a more "sporty" country.  Fun runs - 10Ks - Half Marathons - Triathlons - Adventure Races- Tag Rugby - '5 a side' Soccer - Hiking - etc...  The list goes on.
We also have the perrenial favourites of Golf, Rugby, Soccer and GAA.
There's never been a better time to participate in Sport in this country.  If you want to get started in sport or keep yourself injury free or even perform at a level you never thought possible, you need to check us out.
We have trained clients for ......
Soccer, Rugby, 5K,10K, Half Marathon, Golf, Adventure Races, Triathlon, Gaelic Football, Hurling, Tag Rugby and Surfing.  We will look at where you are now, where your deficiencies are, and where you can improve.  Just because you are not a professional athlete, doesn't mean that you can't train like one!
Postural Correction
Question: Who cares about their posture??  Answer:  Almost nobody!
Have you ever had.....   Knee Pain, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Migranes, Tightness in shoulders or Neck?   
How about rounded shoulders, poor sleep, poor digestion, tiredness. 
How about more serious stuff, like spinal curvature and joint degeneration?? 
All of the above can be caused by poor posture.  Over time you get "stuck" in poor posture, this puts great stress on the muscles, then the ligaments, and ultimately your joints will suffer.  As we get older, the problem just gets worse.  
In Elite Personal Training we will do postural testing at the start, and from there your programs will be balanced to help you improve your posture gradually.  We will also work on your flexibility and mobility and overall strength to make sure that your body works the way it was designed to!
Your Safety comes first!
Personal Training Limerick
We love training clients of all ages and abilities.  One of the most rewarding parts of our jobs is training clients who have medical issues, injuries, or limitations of any type.
Our training is not just designed to get you 'in shape' but to truly make a lasting difference to your life.
BUT, we will only train you if it is safe to do so.  You may need medical clearace before you start. To check please CLICK HERE











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