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Private Personal Training in Limerick

Personal Training for women

Elite Personal Training is roughly 50/50 women to men, aged from 16 to 60+ at the moment. (we have trained younger and older than this range) This is a private gym, that is, it's ONLY for personal training. So.. unlike most gyms, it's not open for mass membership, or for clients to come in and train on their own.  In Elite personal Training you will get an experience like no other.  The gym is clean, well equipped and never crowded.  The trainers are friendly, qualified, experienced and professional.  We use a combination of cardio and weight training to get you the results you want.  We will also advise you on all dietary and lifestyle modifications that you need to achieve your goals.
Personal Training Limerick
Fat Loss

This is, and always will be our number one request. It's rare that a female client doesn't request fat loss.  Maybe you're 3-4 stone overweight.  Maybe you have lost a little bit but now you're stuck and nothing seems to work.  Maybe you're trying desperately to lose those last few pounds.  Whichever you are, we've seen it all before, many times.

Is there a special event that you want to look better for?  How about a sun holiday, (holidays abroad  WILL be back, will you be ready??)

How about just feeling more comfortable in your clothes and feeling better about what you see in the mirror?  Maybe you've just had a baby?  Or maybe you're just tired of saying "some day I'm going to lose that flab" but you're wondering if that "SOME DAY" is ever going to arrive?   Give us a call and "SOME DAY" could be less than a week away.

Personal Training Limerick

Does that picture of shiny weights fill you with fear and doubt?  Every time I first speak to a female client about weight training the very first thing they say is??????  "Its not going to make me look like a man is it?"  And the answer to that is NO. Nearly every female celebrity lifts weights and has a trainer, and most of them are tiny.

Almost every woman wants a toned body but the "toned" look will only come from doing weighted exercise.  You will NEVER EVER get a toned body from just walking or running.  "Tone" is muscle building combined with fat loss.  Women have much less free testosterone floating around their bodies than men do.  That's why men will tend to put on a lot of muscle from lifting weights.  Weight training is the most effective training that you will do to get the body that you have always wanted.

Personal Training Limerick
Putting it all together

Training is just one part of what you can expect in Elite Personal Training.

To achieve your goals, you can expect the following as standard. 

. Initial assessment and interview to figure out "where you are now"

. A custom program tailored to your individual needs and goals.

. Regular modification to your training and monthly assessments of results and goals.

. Being coached on all aspects of nutrition and lifestyle.

. Constant one to one attention from your trainer.

. Tuition on technique for all exercises, safe lifting, what to do outside of our sessions.

. Weighing in, body-fat skin-fold measurements, tape measure.


Putting it all together properly is what will get you the results you want. 

​"Special Populations"  IMPORTANT!

Special Populations is Personal Trainer "lingo" for anyone who has a limitation that will effect their ability to exercise.  Limitations include High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Arthiritis, Knee/Hip Replacement, Back pain, Migranes, Pre/Post Natal, Recovery from Operations etc etc....  If you are in the above list, you should not begin an exercise regime without professional supervision.  You need to avoid certain exercises, and be able to exercise pain-free.  You are risking injury (or Worse!!) if you think you can just join a big public gym and throw yourself into exercise.  We can help you to achieve your goals while working around your limitations.
We have experience of working with clients who have had all of the above conditions.  (NOTE: We have a a trainer specifically qualified to work with Pre and Post Natal) Improving the quality of life for these clients is a very rewarding experience for us and we take it very seriously. Your safety however, is our first priority.               ​


Think that you might need clearance to train??   Click HERE to check

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