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Private Personal Training in Limerick

Personal Training for men

Firstly, Elite Personal Training is roughly 50/50 women to men, aged from 16 to 60+ at the moment. (we have trained younger and older than this range) This is a private gym, that is, it's ONLY for personal training. So.. unlike most gyms, it's not open for mass membership, or for clients to come in and train on their own.  In Elite personal Training you will get an experience like no other.  The gym is clean, well equipped and never crowded.  The trainers are friendly, qualified, experienced and professional.  We use a combination of cardio and weight training to get you the results you want.  We have some equipment that you wont find in public gyms.  Our trainers also know what it's like to train hard and get results.  We will advise you on all dietary and lifestyle modifications that you need to make to achieve your goals.
Personal Training Limerick
Maybe you're like the guy in the picture, maybe you have just a few pounds to lose. Maybe you're trying to go all the way to a 6 pack?? Whichever you are, we've seen it all before, many times. Our typical male clients were fit and trim at one time, but work and family commitments have led to the pounds creeping on over the years.  (a quarter of a pound gained every month = 2 stone gained in 10 years, that's how it happens!!) If you're tired of adding new notches to your belt, or you're just ready to go for it and lose those last few pounds, Elite Personal Training is the place to go!


Men typically don't like asking for help and DIY is the way most men approach most challenges in life. But you'll have to leave this mindset behind when you start Personal Training.  You need to hand over the responsibility to an experienced professional who knows how to set targets and keep you on the straight and narrow!  Men need more calories than women so it's easier to over-eat.  Fat loss is easy when you know how, and almost impossible when you don't.  If you're ready to start your fat loss journey, call us and we'll get you started immediately.

Personal Training Limerick
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Muscle Gain

Most men would like to pack on at least a few pounds of muscle, but if you think joining a gym is a one way street to looking like an adonis, you're dreaming!  We once trained a guy who lifted weights 6 days a week for 2 years in a big gym in Limerick.  He gained virtually NO muscle and because his diet was wrong, he lost NO bodyfat.  So if you add up his sessions as 1 hour training, 1 hour going to and from the gym, 6 days a week for two years...... that's 1,248 hours dedicated to training with NO results!  Thankfully for him, after a month with us, he was seeing results he could be proud of. 

Men will often say to us on day 1 that they dont want to look like a certain professional bodybuilder.  Unless you are ready to dedicate a decade of your life to training and risk your life with steroids, it's not likely that you will ever look like that!

Weight training is the most effective training that you will do to get the body that you have always wanted. Men have more Testosterone than women so will find it easier to put on muscle.  If you want a strong back, wide shoulders and to really fill out your clothes, we're ready to get you there. 


A NOTE ON ANABOLIC STEROIDS:  None of our trainers have ever taken anabolic steroids, we don't supply steroids, we don't answer questions on how to take them, and if you're already on them, we will not train you.  (not to be confused with normal steroids prescribed by your doctor for an illness) 
Personal Training Limerick
Putting it all together

Training is just one part of what you can expect in Elite Personal Training.

To achieve your goals, you can expect the following as standard. 

. Initial assessment and interview to figure out "where you are now"

. A custom program tailored to your individual needs and goals.

. Regular modification to your training program and monthly assessments    of results and goals.

. Being coached on all aspects of nutrition and lifestyle.

. Constant one to one attention from your trainer.

. Tuition on perfect technique for all exercises, safe lifting, what to do       outside of our sessions.

. Weighing in, body-fat skin-fold measurements, tape measure.

Putting it all together properly is what will get you the results you want. 

​"Special Populations"  (Very important !!)
Personal Training Limerick

Special Populations is Personal Trainer "lingo" for anyone who has a limitation that will effect their ability to exercise.  Limitations include High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Arthiritis, Knee/Hip Replacement, Back pain, Migranes, Pre/Post Natal, Recovery from Operations etc etc....  If you are in the above list, you should not begin an exercise regime without professional supervision.  You need to avoid certain exercises, and be able to exercise pain-free.  You are risking injury (or Worse!!) if you think you can just join a big public gym and throw yourself into exercise.  We can help you to achieve your goals while working around your limitations.


We have experience of working with clients who have had all of the above conditions.  Improving the quality of life for these clients is a very rewarding experience for us and we take it very seriously. Your safety however, is our first priority.               ​

Think that you might need clearance to train??   Click HERE to check

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